Saridon: Utilizing caffeine as an effective headache reliever

Saridon is a brand of pain relief medication from Bayer Healthcare. It is trusted by millions in over 80 countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America, with over 600 millions tablets sold annually. It is specially formulated to target persistent headaches, but it can also relieve pain in other body parts, such as toothache, menstrual discomfort, postoperative and rheumatic pain, and pain and fever associated with colds and flu.

The secret to Saridon’s efficacy may be attributed to its potent combination of ingredients – prophyphenazone which is responsible for the fast onset of effect, paracetamol, which augments and prolongs the pain relief, and caffeine, a natural analgesic. Saridon is the only pain reliever in the Philippines that lists caffeine as one of its ingredients.

A different kind of caffeine fix

Filipinos, being avid coffee drinkers, are familiar with the energizing effect of caffeine. A lot of people rely on coffee for an instant jolt of energy, particularly when they’re feeling sluggish or lethargic. Coffee clears the mind and gives drinkers a warm, pleasant feeling. Coffee drinking has reached an all-time high in the country – coffee shops (both the mom-and-pop type and the upscale chains) as well as convenient stores are always teeming with people getting their caffeine fix. The Philippines is also a producer of excellent coffee beans, with the “barako” and “alamid” varieties from Batangas as the most coveted.

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